How to Choose Colors for a Bathroom Remodel

Figuring out what colors to use in your bathroom can be a very difficult choice. Taking the time to make sure you get it right can mean the difference between a remodeled bathroom you love, and one that you really aren’t happy with. Here is a proven process that will help you to choose the right colors for your newly renovated bathroom.

List All Color Options

To get started you are going to want to make a list of all the color options you would consider. Think of both individual colors, and pairs of colors that you think might look good together. Don’t think to hard on this as you don’t want to eliminate any options that you are at all interested in. This is essentially a brainstorming session where you hold nothing back and just make a list from which you will start.

List Where Your Colors will Go

The next step is to identify all the different areas in your bathroom that you have options when it comes to color. This would include all the different walls, any cabinets, your toilet, your tub, your shower curtain, and much more. If there are any items on this list that you are certain you know what color they should be, you can fill that in now. For example, if you are 100% sure you only want a white toilet, go ahead and write that in.

Narrow Your List

Next you want to start trying to eliminate some of the color options you identified in the first step. This can be done by thinking about how a specific color would look in your remodeled bathroom, asking whether it might not match the color of the room next to the bathroom, and taking other actions to narrow your list. Try to bring your list down to five or fewer options if possible.

Observe in All Lights

Once you have a manageable number of colors to work with, get a sample of each so you can see how it will look in your bathroom. While the paint store samples are acceptable, it is even better if you can get a larger option so you can get a better look at how each color will appear in the environment. Ideally you should hang the different colors where you want them to go, and then come back and look at them throughout the day and night. Determine if you like each one in the various types of light that occur throughout the day.

Settle on Two or Three

Once you have looked at all the colors in all the different places and lighting options, you’ll have to choose which ones you want to use. A bathroom can look great with either one color, two colors, or sometimes three depending on the setup and size of the room. If you are going to have more than one color, make sure to pick two or more that will really compliment each other and help your bathroom to look its best.