Whether you’re thinking about updating a few items, or considering a complete bathroom renovation, using a design theme can help you create a space you’ll love. The right combination of fixtures, counters, cabinets, and tiles – with the right dose of color – can make your bathroom reflect your own unique taste and personality. Fixtures made from brass or stainless steel have a completely different feel than those made from natural materials like wood. Colors and lighting also play an important role, from bright and light to warm and relaxing. Using a design theme is a great way to pull these things together. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few example design themes to help get you started.

Bathroom Design Theme #1: The Relaxing Retreat

For many people, the bathroom is a place to escape, relax and unwind. A bathroom designed with relaxation in mind will have colors that are calming. Soft, light colors work best, such as creamy white, light blue and gray. An important part of a relaxing bathroom is the tub or shower, surrounded by candles and a selection of bath salts and shower gels. Lavender, lemon balm and chamomile are traditional choices for accent pictures and relaxing aromatherapy.

Bathroom Design Theme #2: Rainforest Paradise

This theme aims to bring the warmth and cleansing rains of a tropical rainforest into your bathroom. A rainforest-inspired bathroom will have earthy color tones, like dark brown and deep, rich shades of green. You’ll want your fixtures and cabinets to feature natural materials like wood. If you have the space, plants will also help create your rainforest paradise.

Bathroom Design Theme #3: A Day at The Beach

The ocean and the beach are very popular themes for bathrooms. Shades of blue and green imitate the colors of the sea, while tiles and accents that feature fish, or pictures of the beach, can complete the ocean vibe. You can’t bring the beach home, but why not try a small display with sand and sea shells placed on a shelf? You can also imitate the colors of sand and driftwood by using light shades of brown for your countertops and cabinets.

Bathroom Design Theme #4: Window to the World

If your home is blessed with a view – and your bathroom has a window – you could bring that view inside. Don’t have a nice view? No problem. You can create one by hanging a picture or painting of something that brings you joy and expresses your personality. Maybe a mountain, grassy meadow, or cityscape? This theme is an extension of what you are imitating, so it will vary depending upon what you are trying to create. A mountain view will benefit from limestone tiles, while a cityscape could be enhanced with light fixtures that look like street lamps.

Bathroom Design Theme #5: Small Space, Big Frame of Mind

If you have a small bathroom space, but renovation is not in your plans or budget, there are things you can do to make it seem bigger. Bright, white colors are a great way to create an open feeling – on the walls and the floor. Installing the largest mirror your wall can accommodate can also help. Large mirrors can reflect all that bright light and will make the room seem bigger. Finally, consider replacing your large cabinet or vanity with a simple pedestal sink to maximize your space. Ideally, the design them you choose for your bathroom remodeling Long Island will reflect your personality and your own unique preferences. Whether you are remodeling yourself, or hiring a professional, using a design theme will make your new bathroom a space you love. Our team of design professionals can be reached by calling (631)-836-7579.