The faucet in your bathroom is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to planning a remodel. In most cases, the faucet will be used more than any other item, so it is critical that it functions properly, is made to last, and it is something that you will like the look of long into the future. Whether you are washing your hands, brushing your teeth, getting something to drink, or just getting something wet, you will be happy that you spent a little extra time thinking about which faucet to buy during your remodeling project.

Types of Faucets

There are quite a few different types of bathroom faucets that you can choose from. Each one will give your bathroom a unique look and feel that you will really enjoy. The following are some of the different options to consider: • Bridge Faucets – This is a design that has been around for generations, but continues to be very popular. It uses a simple plumbing setup that is long lasting and very effective. With this style you will have a hot and cold line coming in with a separate spigot for each. The pipes then come together where it mixes before streaming out. • Single Handle Faucets – A single handle faucet is very popular because it allows you to control the temperature and water pressure from one convenient place. • Automatic Faucets – If you want to avoid contaminating your hands, an automatic faucet is ideal. It will turn on whenever it senses your hands and shut off when they are gone. • Wall Mount Faucets – Having a faucet come directly out of the wall rather than up through the counter is a classic look that is loved by many. • Long Spout Faucets – Choosing a faucet that has a long spout that goes up before curving over can give you extra space for washing your hands or filling larger items. While more commonly found in kitchens, this can provide you with many advantages in the bathroom too. • Many More – There are many other design options when it comes to your bathroom faucet. Browsing through different models from top designers will help you to find the perfect one for you.

Matching the Overall Bathroom Design

When trying to decide which bathroom faucet to have installed, you will want to make sure that it looks right with the rest of your bathroom. Whether you’re just replacing your faucet, or you are doing this as part of a full bathroom remodeling project, it is important to look at things like the color and design of the faucet in relation to the rest of the items. An antique looking faucet, for example, will seem out of place with a bathroom with a modern design.

Proper Installation is Essential

No matter what bathroom faucet you choose, it is important to ensure that it is installed correctly. Any mistakes in the installation process will lead to drips, leaks, and other problems. In many cases, these problems won’t occur for weeks or months, but they can cause a lot of wasted water and even damage to the surrounding area. If you need help with your bathroom remodeling project, or even just having a faucet installed, please give us a call at (631)-836-7579.