If your home has a smaller kitchen, you will want to think about how to take advantage of every inch. When planning a remodel, you will have a lot of great opportunities to really make your modest kitchen look very impressive. Even if you’re just looking for small renovation ideas or organizing tips, there are things that can be done to make your kitchen look and feel larger. The following practical tips can get you started today.

Paint the Room White & Use Low Contrast Accents

Whenever you want a room to look larger than it really is, you’ll want to paint the walls and ceiling white. This helps to brighten up the room quite nicely and give the illusion of additional space. When choosing the accents, make sure to pick a low contrast color that will look great without eroding the extra light.

Shrink Your Counter Space

If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, you will have a lot of options to make your kitchen bigger. One thing that many people consider is getting custom countertops and cupboards made that are slightly smaller than normal. It is quite rare that someone will use every inch of their cupboards and trimming them back even just an inch or two can really free up a lot of space in the room.

Consider Glass Doors in Cupboards

Glass doors in your cupboards are another effective way to make your kitchen seem larger. Since people will be able to see into the depth of the cabinets, it will show that there is more room than it would otherwise appear. Of course, if you have glass doors on the cabinets, you’ll want to make sure you keep your dishes properly organized so everything looks nice.

Recessed Shelving

Depending on the design of your home, you may be able to install recessed shelving. This is where the shelving actually goes back into the wall. This will obviously provide you with additional footage of storage space in your kitchen, which will undoubtedly be at a premium.

Use Stretching Floor Designs

If you’re redoing your floors during your kitchen model, make sure you choose a pattern that will enlarge the room. Strips, jagged lines, and other similar things will cause a bit of an optical illusion that will make your kitchen seem to extend further out than it really does.

Maximize Storage Areas

You don’t want to have your already small kitchen cluttered with small appliances, dishes, and other items being left on your counter all the time. Instead, look around for places where they can be stored away when not in use. Having efficient storage space like shelved cupboards, and even keeping certain items in another part of the house will help ensure your kitchen looks clean and ready to use.

Know Your Options

There are an almost endless number of different ways that you can help to make your small kitchen look larger. One of the best things that you can do is to talk with a kitchen renovation specialist who will be able to offer insights and advice that is customized to your specific home. Once your remodel is completed, you’ll love the extra space that your kitchen seems to have.