Where to Start – Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling

If you want to make significant improvements to your home, the two most common places to start are with kitchen or bathroom. For most people, however, having the time and budget to both at the same time just isn’t practical. Choosing the right one for your situation can be difficult, but not impossible. We’ve laid out some different factors to think about so you can make the right decision for your home and your family.

Is One in Worse Condition?

In many cases, one of these two rooms is going to be in significantly worse condition than the other. Even if both are in functionally good shape, one of the rooms will likely be further out of date. When this is the case, the decision is a lot easier to make. Starting with the room that needs the work more is the obvious choice.

Which is a Larger Project?

In most situations, the kitchen is going to be a much larger room than the bathroom. Depending on how much renovation is needed, however, the bathroom project may actually be larger. Take a look at each room and see which one is going to need more work to complete. Once you have the answer in mind, you can either decide to start with the larger project to get it out of the way, or start with the smaller one if you want to minimize your expenses and other investments. Each situation is going to be unique, and knowing which one is right for you will take some thought, but having this information can be very important.

Which will Give the Biggest Bang for Your Buck?

Many people decide to make renovations to their home when they are getting ready to sell. A newly remodeled room in the house can really do a lot to boost the price and help it to sell much more quickly. If this is your goal, look at each room and try to determine which one is going to raise the value of your home most. All things being equal, a newly remodeled kitchen is going to boost the value of a home more than a bathroom would. If the bathroom is in terrible condition, however, that may not be the case for you.

Do You Have a Design in Mind?

Do you have a design in mind for one room or the other? Many people have either a dream kitchen or a dream bathroom in mind. If you have given a lot more thought to what you would want to do in one room than the other, it would make sense to do that one first. This way you will get a lot longer to enjoy your newly updated room that you’ve always wanted.

We are Here for You

Whether you decide you want to remodel your kitchen first or your bathroom, we are here for you. We have helped many people from throughout the Long Island area with all sorts of renovations, and we would be honored to work with you next. Please contact us by calling (631)-836-7579.