Planning a bathroom remodel is a big event, and certainly not something you want to rush into. You’ll likely be enjoying your new bathroom for at least a decade, and perhaps much longer, before it gets another renovation. With this in mind, make sure you really think through the entire process before anyone picks up a tool. The following are ten quick tips to help you plan out your custom bathroom remodel.

Keep the Amount of Space in Mind

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the most restrictive aspect for most people is going to be how much space you have. The entire remodeling process should start out with how many square feet of room you have because that will impact just about every other decision you have to make.

Think About Practical Usage

While it is fun to dream about adding a sauna, massive whirlpool tub, lots of cabinet space, and other items into your bathroom, that may not be practical in your situation. If you have the money and the room, these things are great. If not, however, getting all the essentials in should be the priority.

Little Things can make a Huge Difference

Most of your time will be spent considering the larger items like the shower, tub, toilet, and sinks. While these are obviously critical, you may be surprised at how important the smaller items can make. A properly placed towel rack, a conveniently located toilet paper holder, and even the position of light switches and electrical outlets will make a big difference in how your new bathroom is used.

Lighting is Key

You will need plenty of lighting in your bathroom, so make sure to plan it properly now. Think about what type of lighting, and where it should go, will help ensure everything looks its best when the job is done.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

If you plan on enjoying a nice hot shower, you need to make sure the steam has somewhere to go or it could cause problems down the road. While it may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, a strong exhaust fan is essential for any bathroom remodel.

Set a Budget Early

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom it is possible to spend just about any amount of money. By setting a budget early on in the planning process you will be able to make smart decisions that will let you design a bathroom you’ll love, without breaking your bank account.

Think About a Timeframe

How soon do you want to begin your remodel? When does it need to be done by? Do you have guests coming over in the near future that you need to accommodate? All these questions should be answered as part of the planning process.

Storage is Important Too

It is fun planning out all the areas that you’ll see in your bathroom, but the hidden away parts are just as important. Make sure your remodel includes enough cabinet space and other storage areas to keep your bathroom essentials where they belong.

Find a Trusted Bathroom Renovation Company

Finding a good bathroom renovation company is critical for ensuring you get the results you want. Custom bathroom remodel specialists will be able to take your dream bathroom from your mind to reality.

Ask Lots of Questions

Once you have a renovation company in mind, make sure you ask plenty of questions. They can help you to come up with new ideas and see how your ideas will fit into your overall plan. The people who will be doing the work are experts in this area, so take advantage of their knowledge and experience.