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    Sometimes you just take a look at your bathroom and say it’s time for a change. Other times you move into a new space and tell yourself there’s no way you’re letting that bathroom stay like that. When it comes time for your next bathroom remodel, Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel is ready to be your partner. We are an established and reputable family-owned and family-run business that has been a fixture of the Long Island community for over ten years. We proudly assist our friends and neighbors in Nassau County, Suffolk County all over the area with all of their home improvement needs. Call Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel at (631)-486-8388 , or visit our showrooms, to start planning your bathroom remodel.

     An All-Inclusive Bathroom Remodeling Resource

    Far too often, when a homeowner embarks on a renovation or remodel for any room in their home, they have to rely on multiple vendors and contractors to get the job done. This often leaves in a role as de-facto contract manager and their forced keep track of everyone and make sure they’re doing their jobs. It also wastes time and money and can tie up your home for weeks or even months. Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel brings all of your bathroom remodel needs under one roof. We have the resources and expertise to handle every phase of the process, from conception to execution. Our three fully stocked showrooms feature over 1,000 of the leading home improvement brands and are staffed with professional designers who guide you toward the right direction on your remodel.

     Catering to Every Style  

    A bathroom remodel is more than a simple home improvement project; it’s a way to understatedly put your own unique stamp on your home’s décor with out any other room in your home being affected. Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or contemporary or something bolder with a burst of color or dramatic fixtures, we have the products and design expertise you need for less than you’re likely to find anywhere else. Once we get a firm handle on the totality of your design concept, we can seamlessly start the building process and start working to bring your new bathroom to life.

    Expert and Reliable Builders

    In keeping with Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel’s high standards of service, our builders are fully licensed and insured, and are trained to successfully complete a full range of bathroom remodel tasks from tub and toilet installation to vanity to flooring to vanity and mirror replacement. We stand ready to partner with our clients in Long Island to make their bathroom remodel a fulfilling reality. Call Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel today at (631)-486-8388 or visit us at our showrooms. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

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