One luxury item in high-end bathrooms that many people dream about is having dual showerheads. There are many ways that one of these can be set up based on your preferences, and learning about the pros and cons of this setup, along with how it can be done, is important. If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project and are thinking about adding multiple showerheads, this article is for you.

Benefits of Multiple Showerheads

Thinking about why you would want this setup is a good place to start. While everyone knows that multiple showerheads is a luxury item, it is good to look at specific reasons why people love them so much: • Showered from Multiple Angles – Having the water hitting you from multiple angles is a great feeling. It can be very relaxing, and allow your entire body to enjoy the hot water all at once. • Ideal for Couples – Taking a shower with your spouse can be convenient, and exciting. With just one showerhead, however, someone is always left out in the cold. This isn’t a problem when you have a showerhead on each side of the tub. • Impressive – When you have guests over, or even when you’re just showing off your new bathroom, the dual showerheads is certainly something people will notice and love.

Disadvantages of Multiple Showerheads

While there is a lot to love about adding this type of shower setup, it isn’t all positive. The following are some of the drawbacks that you need to consider. You can, however, overcome these types of issues with the right installation configuration. • More Expensive – It will cost more since you need to run additional pipes and the extra showerhead isn’t free. Make sure to factor in the extra money into your remodeling budget. • Water Pressure – If the water pipes aren’t run properly, having two or more showerheads can cause a loss of water pressure. • Hot Water Usage – Since you’ll be using more water at once, you need to make sure you have a hot water heater that can keep up with the demand.

Options for Installing Multiple Showerheads

If you think that having this feature added to your bathroom, you’ll want to know about the different ways that this can be done. There are plenty of different configurations to choose from. The following are among the most popular ways that people enjoy: • Opposite Sides of the Shower – Having one showerhead on each side of the shower makes it ideal for two people showering at the same time. You can also have the water hitting one person from the front and the back at the same time, which is great. • One on the Ceiling – Another popular option is to have one normal showerhead, and another that is installed directly at the ceiling. This allows the water to flow directly down onto your head, which can be quite luxurious. • Three Showerheads – While dual showerheads is the most common option for multiples, you can also add three or even more. Choosing the exact spot to have them installed will help ensure you are getting the results you desire. If you want to learn more about having multiple showerheads added in as part of your bathroom remodeling plans, we are here for you. Our team has helped many people from throughout Long Island with this luxury item, and we’re ready to help you too. To get a free estimate or talk to a design specialist, please give us a call at (631)-486-8388.