For many people, finding ways to add additional space to their bathroom is an important part of their overall remodeling job. This can be done by adjusting the sink area, relocating the toilet, and much more. In many situations, having your bathroom cabinets recessed into the walls is a great way to get the extra space you need. When done properly, these recessed cabinets can look great and give you the storage space you need for all your bathroom items.

Possible in Most Bathrooms

One of the first things that you need to ask yourself when it comes to considering recessed cabinets for your bathroom is whether it is possible in your home. In order to put the cabinets into the wall, there has to be sufficient room behind the walls to accommodate them. Fortunately, most bathrooms have this extra space because it needs to be there for piping and other items. A professional bathroom remodeling company will be able to quickly determine how much room you have behind your walls, and how large your cabinets can be.

Gives the Appearance of a Larger Room

Since you are putting the bulk of the actual cabinets into the walls, you will free up extra space in the bathroom itself. By pushing back the cabinets, there is a lot more free open space, which is very appealing visually. You’ll find that the whole room looks larger. In addition, you will actually have more usable space above your sink and in other areas, which can be very convenient.

Added Storage Space Options

One of the best things about recessed cabinets in the bathroom is that it allows you to have much larger cabinets than would otherwise be possible. Since the bulk of the actual storage space will be physically behind the walls, you will have plenty of room to keep your medicines, toothbrush, and other items stored away where they belong. Many people love the fact that their cabinets will appear quite small from the outside, but when you open them up, they will have a lot of extra room. If the full storage space of the cabinet is behind the wall, you can even make it appear that you just have a mirror there and the actual cabinet will be entirely hidden.

Affordable for Your Bathroom Remodel

In many parts of the house, adding a recessed cabinet can be quite expensive. For most bathroom remodels, however, this option is actually very affordable. There is typically going to already be the extra room behind the walls, so it is simply a matter of removing some drywall and attaching the cabinets to the studs. This is a fairly straight forward task that won’t add a lot to your overall bathroom renovation. The cabinets may have to be ordered specifically for this type of installation, but due to the popularity of the recessed cabinets in bathroom remodels, there are plenty of designs to choose from. You’ll be able to find an affordable solution that you will absolutely love.