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  • Fireplace Surrounds Tile Installation in Long Island and NYC

    A fireplace is often the heart of a home, providing warmth and a cozy ambiance that invites family and friends to gather around. At Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel, we specialize in transforming ordinary fireplaces into stunning focal points with our expert tile installations. Serving Long Island and NYC, we are committed to bringing elegance, durability, and functionality to your living spaces.

    Popular Tile Options for a Stunning Surround

    When it comes to enhancing the visual appeal of your space, selecting the right tiles for a surround can make all the difference. From the timeless charm of ceramic to the sleek sophistication of glass, the variety of tile materials and designs available today offers endless possibilities.

    Ceramic Tiles

    Durable, heat-resistant, and available in many colors and patterns. Easy to clean and maintain, ideal for busy households.

    • Cons: Can crack under extreme temperature changes, may chip if struck.
    • Cost: $5 - $15 per square foot.

    Porcelain Tiles

    Strong and more resistant to moisture and heat than ceramic. Versatile designs can mimic natural stone, wood, or other materials.

    • Cons: Higher cost than ceramic, more challenging to cut.
    • Cost: $10 - $25 per square foot.

    Natural Stone Tiles

    Options like marble, granite, slate, and travertine offer unique characteristics and timeless elegance to enhance any interior.

    • Cons: Expensive, can stain and scratch, requires sealing.
    • Cost: $15 - $50 per square foot.

    Glass Tiles

    Provide a sleek, modern look with reflective qualities. Heat-resistant and available in various colors and finishes.

    • Cons: Can chip or crack, grout lines can be visible, higher cost.
    • Cost: $20 - $40 per square foot.

    Metal Tiles

    Contemporary choice with durability and unique aesthetic. Available in finishes like brushed, polished, and matte for striking designs.

    • Cons: Can dent or scratch, may tarnish over time, higher cost.
    • Cost: $25 - $50 per square foot.

    Terracotta Tiles

    Warm, earthy appeal suitable for rustic and traditional interiors. Heat-resistant and perfect for creating cozy surrounds.

    • Cons: Porous, requires sealing, can chip or crack.
    • Cost: $10 - $20 per square foot.

    Mosaic Tiles

    Ideal for intricate patterns and personalized designs. Available in materials like glass, ceramic, and natural stone.

    • Cons: Labor-intensive to install, can be expensive, grout lines can be hard to clean.
    • Cost: $15 - $50 per square foot.

    Design Ideas for Fireplace Surrounds

    Choosing the right fireplace surround can enhance the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your living space. Here are some design ideas to consider:

    Contemporary Designs

    Contemporary designs feature clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Glass or metal tiles in neutral colors like white, gray, or black create a sleek, modern look. Large-format tiles and reflective surfaces can add sophistication and make the room feel larger.

    Traditional Designs

    Traditional designs evoke elegance with materials like ceramic or natural stone tiles, such as marble or granite. Intricate patterns, borders, and warm, earthy tones create a timeless look that adds refinement to your space.

    Rustic Designs

    Rustic surrounds offer coziness and charm. Terracotta or slate tiles, combined with natural textures and earthy colors, create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Wood accents or reclaimed materials enhance the rustic feel.

    Modern Designs

    Modern designs are bold and innovative. Porcelain or mosaic tiles with unique patterns, contrasting colors, or metallic finishes make your fireplace a statement piece that reflects contemporary trends.

    Ready to transform your living space with a stunning fireplace surround tile installation near Long Island and NYC? Contact us today and we will help you enhance your living space with the perfect blend of beauty and functionality!

    DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

    DIY projects can be rewarding and cost-effective, allowing you to save on labor costs and control the project. However, they require time, skill, and the right tools. Mistakes can lead to extra expenses and safety hazards.


    For complex or large-scale installations, hiring a professional fireplace tile contractor is advisable. Professionals provide precise, safe, and durable results, handle intricate designs, and address structural concerns, saving you time and potential issues. Professional installation might be more economical in the long run as professionals minimize material waste and avoid costly errors, doing the job right the first time and reducing future repairs or adjustments.


    Step-by-Step Installation Guide

    Our installation process includes the following steps:

    1. Surface Preparation: We clean and prepare the surface to make the tiles adhere properly.
    2. Layout and Design: We carefully lay out the tiles according to the design plan, focusing on precision and symmetry.
    3. Tile Cutting and Fitting: We cut and fit the tiles to perfectly match the dimensions of your fireplace surround.
    4. Grouting and Sealing: We apply grout to secure the tiles and seal the surface to protect against moisture and stains.
    5. Finishing Touches: We inspect the installation for any imperfections and make necessary adjustments.

    Importance of Adhesive

    The adhesive is crucial for durability and safety. It must withstand high temperatures, provide a strong bond, offer flexibility for material expansion and contraction, and resist moisture. We use the best adhesives so your fireplace surround looks great and performs well under all conditions.

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